Show: Magic Truffles

March 13, 2017

Run dmcIt is apt we are in Glasgow this week as Andy Harrow, Robert Borthwick and Graeme Thewliss talk Old Firm. They discussed the tactical elements as Rangers benefitted from a sturdy right-hand side, contrasting with a poor Celtic left-flank. And then, the talking points . . .

As for Saturday’s action: lyrical was being waxed in the direction of Donaldo Cowie, laughs were had about the the continued existence of pass backs and the boys considered the¬†importance of Darian Mackinnon and Michael Devlin to Hamilton. There was relief for St Johnstone in the Tayside derby which Gary Cocker maintains isn’t a derby, while Paul hartley changed things that didn’t need changing.

Also, the trio spoke of Iain Vigurs being booed, Kris Doolan being the man, Motherwell’s organisations and harmonic Aberdeen.

It’s not all about the Old Firm on this podcast! Oh aye, a wee bit of Championship patter for good measure.


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