The Terrace Scottish Football Podcast is a show and blog dedicated to all things Scottish football. Here you will find written and audio content you won’t find anywhere else. The podcast is available every Monday and Thursday and there is plenty of written content posted daily.

The website initially appeared in 2012 to compliment the show but has been given a much needed overhaul during the close season. On here you will find written versions of some of our aired features, plus original content from some of the country’s most respected football bloggers. Just like the show it is a healthy mix of seriousness, irrelevance and nostalgia.

The History of the Podcast

The pod first came into existence in the summer of 2007 as Napier students Craig Fowler, Alan Temple, Jen McLean and Niall McNeill came together to record in the university’s studio. The original idea was for a football show, from a British perspective, that was based on the popular American show ‘Pardon The Interruption’. The foursome met once a week on campus to record the show during the summer. However, their plans to continue into the season were thwarted when the studio was moved to a different campus where a toilet duly fell through the roof and destroyed the equipment. Those early shows are still available to listen to via the show’s, cough, bebo page.

The show made a return, with a few tweaks, in the spring of 2009. This time Alan, Craig and Jen decided that the show should be solely dedicated to covering Scottish football since they’d be the only podcast doing so at the time. The podcast would cover Scottish League football as a whole and created a philosophy of dedicating time to mention every league club on each show, in contrast with the mainstream media and their fixation with the Glasgow giants.

The equipment was slightly less professional, if much more affordable, which led to sound problems with the original recording. A studio microphone was purchased as a solution but had to be passed between the three during the show. Toilet roll also aided in keeping the microphone stationary on the table when recording. After the show had run for a year the trio chose to splash the cash and paid for a mixing desk and two additional microphones. This enhanced the audio and allowed for the seamless back and forth between presenters that were previously restricted by the lone mic.

Sadly, Jen would depart the show shortly before moving to Shetland and starting a career as a magazine editor. For a short period of time the two guys continued the show with uninterrupted verbal sparring, but decided worked better with a third member. In stepped Will Lyon for the remainder of the 2010/11 season, before the lower league specialist departed in the summer and replaced by Sunday Post journalist (now with the Scottish Sun) Kenny Millar.

Kenny, Alan and Craig made up the most consistently praised team in the history of. Although, the professionalism brought to the table by Kenny and Alan’s progression in the sports journalism world came at a cost. The three regularly struggled to find time to record and the once weekly show quickly became sporadic. It was clear that for the show to continue the lineup would have to change. That occurred at the end of the 2011/12 season as both Alan and Kenny decided to call it a day on their weekly Terrace obligations, breaking up the Fowler/Temple partnership for the first time in the show’s history.

After careful consideration, Craig drafted in Simon Furnivall, Joel Sked and Tony Anderson to make up next season’s regular line-up. The new foursome quickly hit it off while, admittedly, losing some of the professionalism of previous years. The guys continued to produce stellar podcasts aimed at bringing a balance of analysis and entertainment. Towards the end of the season, Simon jetted off for a new life in the south of France (git) and was briefly replaced by Craig Cairns until the conclusion of the campaign when he headed back to Canada (git).

For the 2013/14 campaign the podcast extended to two shows a week. In order to cover the extra workload two new full-time presenters were brought in, both with an excellent knowledge of the lower leagues as looked to give more in-depth cover to the “Fag End” of Scottish football. In came Craig G Telfer from the excellent Tell Him He’s Pele (a website dedicated to lower league coverage) and freelance journalist, and Livingston supporter, Calum Leslie. A podcast known for its balanced coverage was now working even further to giving every league club their fair air-time.

Throughout that season, the following campaign and up to the present day, the Terrace has continued to grow and still produces two shows every week over the course of a season. Craig G Telfer and Calum Leslie have moved on, though Craig Cairns has returned and Shaughan McGuigan, John Callan and Gary Cocker have been added to provide some much needed depth. Mr SPL Stats Craig Anderson has also come and gone in that time and came back for a wee cameo recently.

In recent times Craig Fowler has found himself a real journalism job though hasn’t let this affect his dedication to the show and site. This means that the podacst now works in association with the Scotsman.com to bring a weekly mailbag vlog, hosted by Fowler himself! As well as this, you can often find Terrace contributors appear on the Scotman.com‘s weekly Scottish Football Show.


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