Shows From Season 2016/17

This is where you will find the latest shows throughout season should you not wish to download them via iTunes or podcast players.


SHOW: The Sergio Ramos of . . .

We welcome Graeme McGarry onto the podcast, alongside messrs Thewsliss and Borthwick to pick the top 12 centre halves in Scottish football.

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Show: A Night at the Dembele

Monday’s podcast

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Show: Spurious Soccer Manager

Thursday’s show

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Run dmc

SHOW: Magic Truffles

Andy Harrow, Robert Borthwick and Graeme Thewliss are all up in the grill of Scottish football. Old Firm, pass-backs, players being booed and more.

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SHOW: Here’s ma pal, Sharky

Robert Borthwick, Graeme Thewliss and Scott McClymont liaise in Glasgow to talk full-backs.

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hibs rangers 2

Show: McHinn and Gayes

Monday’s podcast

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Show: Owain. Fon. Williams.

Thursday’s podcast and the beginning of our Top 12 series.

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Big pimpin

Show: Conor Mannequin

Graeme Thewliss, Robert Borthwick and Andy Harrow provide comprehensive coverage of the weekend’s Premiership action as well as a delve into the Championship.

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Show: Fuck Yer 1902

Thursday’s Edinburgh derby special.

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Why some Kilmarnock fans weren’t bothered by Lee Clark’s exit

As you may expect, it has something to do with how he built the squad.

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