The weird and wonderful of Scottish football

July 1, 2017

We’ve barely even edged our toes into the mirky waters of the Scottish football season but still there has been plenty to get excited, perplexed and doubled-over about.

Joe Miller

Where else to start than the sensational claims and counter-claims of Joe Miller and Linfield respectively. With the media and Twitter losing their shit about a match that we’re not absolutely certain will go ahead yet (although it is very probable the club from Norn Iron will progress) Miller took the circus to a whole new level. He said, and has since retracted, that while playing for Aberdeen against Linfield – which included name-checking team-mates that hadn’t signed for the club yet – his side had “red dots” on them for the whole 90 minutes.

The Daily Record has since deleted this article and posted an apology of sorts from the former player, but the best part of the whole thing has been Linfield’s reluctant response. This includes addressing the issue of the red dots, pointing out that it wasn’t standard for lasers to be attached to weapons and that laser pens were not freely available nor affordable to many at the time.

Read Linfield’s excellent takedown of Miller here.

Kingsley did a porno 

Credit to @jagsfan1980 for this. No explanation needed really.


Rangers supporters being duped into buying old stock

“Ah goat six shirts, three bunnets, a couple ay pin badges and a framed photay o’ Nuno Capucho.”

Now that a higher portion of the money Rangers supporters spend on merchandise goes towards the club, the fans have rallied round to help Mike Ashley clear out the old stock he otherwise had no chance of getting rid of. Clever.

Check out BBC Sportsound’s video of several delighted supporters here.

St Mirren’s iron on badges

We’re all for innovative ways to involve the supporters but St Mirren’s idea of modifiable kits is probably not one of the better ones. It did give us some material for our latest show on Patreon, including the “I offered out Jack Ross” badge (credit @THISGraeme).

Check out the promo ad for the new shirts here.

Berwick misspell their name

Unveiling new signings is a common part of the close season and we’ve already had some crackers. Kyle Lafferty reminded us that he’s likely to be one of the most hated men in Scotland for the foreseeable by expertly trolling Hibs before he’d even signed for Hearts. Motherwell’s new left-back looking as if he was being held hostage – a tweet that has now been deleted – is another favourite.

The best so far, though, has to be the wee Rangers taking the new Rangers’ young goalie on loan and giving him a scarf to hold aloft with a typo on it. Sensational.


Bob Malcolm v Andy Muirhead

No doubt the Twitter exchange of the summer so far. This came about when a playful tweet from Tam McManus turned into a beef between the ex-Rangers bruiser and the former editor of Celtic fan website Scotzine.

Let’s be honest, there would only be one winner here.

John Hughes bumping his gums (again)

Does this man ever reflect on the words he says and learn to temper his comments next time around? It would appear not. Just a few short months on from “saying what all the Raith fans were thinking” – with the exception of every single Raith supporter, that is – Hughes blessed us with yet another senseless rant about clubs going down the pan after he’s left.

Except for Raith that, is, but he’s not going to let a counter-example get in the way of his delirious ramblings.

Guys, guys… we need eccies guys… as long as you have the right trainers

Finally, this extraordinary post from Pie & Bovril. Do you have what it takes to join the East Fife Boys? Just let us know what you drink, what music you listen to and whether or not you own a pair of three stripes.


Written by Craig Cairns (@craigcairns001)

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