The weird and wonderful of Scottish Football

June 11, 2017

Even though it’s the close season there are still plenty barmy things going on in Scottish football.

The Banter Years cont.

When will they end?

Amidst the squabbling of umpteen TV debates – which, sadly, some of the punditry on BT’s Scottish football coverage has come to resemble recently – the Banter Years continued at full pelt.

Mirroring the desperation of David Murray when he was punting Rangers for a quid, certain sections of the Rangers support were seeking a scapegoat. They were to be starved of it somewhat when Craig Whyte was found not guilty of acquiring the club by fraud by a jury in under two hours of deliberation.

Even the trial lived up to expectations, with Donald Findlay entertaining as he informed, capitalising on a shambolic prosecution from the Crown.

Screenshot (52)

Fucking delighted.


Raith Rovers Roaring Back

Speaking of shambolic, last season’s campaign means the Kirkcaldy side will now have to visit horrendous venues like Cliftonhill and Hampden in order to to get out of League One at the first time of asking.

Despite John Hughes’s noise, a number of the squad has been retained and new manager Barry Smith has already added an impressive strike-force in Greig Spence and Liam Buchanan to his ranks.

Behind the scenes, however, much soul searching appears to be going on as to how else to entice supporters back through the gates, with little progress made. They do have a neat new logo though.

Screenshot (55)


Spence weighs into identity politics

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the burgeoning debate surrounding free speech and identity politics I seek guidance from a man with the hair of a Jim Henson puppet whose command of acceptable language appears to be stuck back in the time when the original Muppets movie was released.


Taking a stand against discrimination based on colour while using the phrase “yella fella” is quite something.

Also, it’s the first time I’ve noticed, but that emoji looks like it’s having a stroke.


Clyde supporter’s desperation to sign Dylan Easton

Screenshot (53)

This needs no explanation. To be fair, they were up to £1,550 at the time of writing – which had reduced to £1,497 when I double-checked just before posting.

I’ve heard of no such campaign to retain Scott Linton.


Ayr United’s Bizarre Blog Post

Finally, my favourite. Earlier in the month someone at Ayr United (I think) posted an article about the question on everybody’s lips: what does the future hold for printed textbooks in the electronic age?

Screenshot (54)

Backed by a picture of jubilant supporters invading the field. No explanation on the page as to why it’s there. Glorious.

Written by Craig Cairns (@craigcairns001)

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