SHOW: Yaya Banana

September 4, 2017

Craig Anderson and THISGraeme join Craig Cairns to go over Scotland’s stonking victory in Lithuania before going through some of your suggestions of unfair Scottish football stereotypes. The guys then paused to watch the Scotland v Malta match before they returned, minus Craig Anderson, to analyse it.




  1. Kevin Howard - September 6, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Love the show lads n textra is shit hot. I get it that McGregor probably isn’t a lot better than Bannan but he offers a lot more than Morrison who isnt even Scottish. Strachans been to slow to get pĺayers into the squad like Griffiths and Tierney. Griffiths was at least 2 years late and Tierney should have been in from the start of the campaign and I think this has cost us places at the Euros and probably a play off at this World Cup. Despite this I don’t think Strachan should go if we don’t qualify or make the play offs. Slovakia have much better players than us Hamsik is probably World class and Strachan is building a new team the squad is totally different than 18 months ago but I do think its time he got rid of the old guys on the fringes like Morrison.
    Scott Gemmill on the other hand should get to fuck how can he not have Greg Docherty in his squad now we might lose him. We should be selecting players playing 1st team football not for an under 23 team with a plush training complex.


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