NEWS: Nada For Nade


CHRISTIAN NADE will not be signing for East Fife according to the club's chairman Lee Murray.

The former Hearts striker has been in discussions with the League One outfit since the summer but both parties were unable to get a permanent deal put in place.

Speaking exclusively to The Terrace, on Saturday, Murray finally drew a line in the sand over the ongoing issue and stated that the former Hearts striker would not be joining.

“The short version of the story is that he's not available to sign until Christmas,” said Murray. “I've thought, and the manager's thought, that there's no use having him around the club until then.

“It's not official yet, but I don't think he'll be playing for the club this season.”

The reason for the lengthy delay and lack of resolution to the issue has been the player's health and a confusion as to whether Nade was free to join the Methil club after leaving PTT Rayong in Thailand at the end of last season.

Murray, while learning something new about the football process, has not been entirely flustered by the whole scenario.

“It would be frustrating if he was a better player,” added Murray, “but I never thought he was that great. He's a nice guy, and I like him, but I never sat on the edge of my seat thinking he was the missing link that we needed to nail down.

“When I first came in, Christian was already on the radar but he had a knee injury. So we say to him we'll wait till he's fit to sign him.

“The whole time we're dealing with the Thai club who have sent through a letter saying that Christian is fee to sign. It's a strange thing though, because you can't actually find out if someone is free until you sign them if they're a player from abroad. So we put it into the system and it comes back that he's not free after all.

“There's a chance he may come back in January, but I don't think so.”


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