Paid-for Podcast: Pokemon Go Fuck Yourself

July 25, 2016

Hello everyone,

As you may have heard, we recorded a special paid-for podcast on Friday and released it earlier today.

Craig Fowler is joined by Graeme Thewliss, Gary Cocker and Duncan McKay as they discussed the mixed fortunes of our clubs in Europe as well as the SPFL Premiership’s best (and worst) summer signings.

To buy the podcast, visit our page on here – – and pay £1 (or however much you like) to listen.

If you want to download it straight to your phone, you can get it through the bandcamp app.

This will not impact our usual Monday & Thursday podcast schedule. They’ll all still be free. This is just to give us a little support for when we wish to release additional podcasts, which we promise we’ll only do every month or two.

It will help us get some new equipment in the future as we’d prefer to have proper sound equipment and not use our iPhones forever. Also, it’ll help us cover the costs of the website and podcast host, as well as giving the guys a little cash in their back pocket when they give up their time for the podcast.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy listening

Craig F

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