Five reasons Scotland should go after Big Sam Allardyce

October 12, 2016


With our latest World Cup hopes in tatters and Gordon Strachan under pressure, it’s about time Scotland danced with the devil in order to secure qualification for a major international tournament.

He gets the best out of average players

Scotland have some half-decent players. In fact, we’ve got about 30 of them: guys who are not top class, but not exactly rubbish either. Individually, they have a few tools in their locker. Collectively, they are all prepared to run themselves into the ground. If that doesn’t sound like a Sam Allardyce side, I don’t know what does.
He’s struggled at the highest level, when trying to manage a side with aspirations of the top four in England, but when tasked with organising a ragtag bunch, he gets them to play above the sum of their parts. It’s exactly what Scotland need right now.

He’s out for revenge

In public, Allardyce put his hands up, admitted he was wrong and graciously walked away from the England job. But, in private, you know he’s silently fuming the FA didn’t stand by him over the scandal. He’s got to be resentful over the situation, and what better way to get back at them than becoming the first Scotland manager since Craig Brown to go to Wembley and leave with a victory. The fans might even help themselves to the goalposts while we’re at it.

If it worked out, the narrative would be glorious

Can you imagine it? Scotland, without qualification for an international tournament in 20 years, finally make it to the promised land at the expense of their nearest rivals, led by a man discarded by England. It’s beautiful. The Hollywood movie deals alone would make it worth it.
Tenner on John Goodman to play the leading role.

He’s good with the media

Fans would still be calling for Strachan to go regardless his interaction with the media, it is 2016 after all, though there’s little doubt the manager’s spikey nature rubs up some supporters the wrong way, and likely contributes to the current feeling of displeasure. Aside from the ill-advised “Sam Allerdici” comments, which made him look more out of touch than your average grandfather mashing the screen of his newly gifted mobile phone, Allardyce is good with the press – when he’s not being investigated by them, at least. Not only will he get the fitbaw hacks onside, he’ll call a spade a spade, which after Strachan’s “we were outstanding” twaddle, will be appreciated in the eyes of the fans.

He’s Scottish (kinda)

If we’re going to hire an Englishman to be manager of the national team, then we’d better go with one conceived by Scottish parents (dad from Nairn, mum from Dumfries) and an older sister born north of the border. There’s even a Clan Allardice whose motto is ‘In Defence of the Distressed’. I mean, come on! It couldn’t be more fittingly poetic.


Written by Craig Fowler

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