Our collection of blogs and articles on the Scotland national team.

Hampden forever: An argument for keeping the national stadium

A plea from a supporter who remembers the charm of old Hampden to return it to its former glory.

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Why Gordon Strachan’s time is up

Evan MacFarlane on the reasons why Gordon Strachan needs to go

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A list of every stupid thing said on Monday’s Sportsound

Duncan McKay gives a minute-by-minute recap of BBC Sportsound podcast on Monday evening.

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Why it’s shite being Scottish right now

Andy Harrow gives his reasons for giving up his Tartan Army membership while anaylising the state of our national side.

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Poppy row: Regan is planting the seed for club sides to flout rules

“The first time a club is called up to an SFA hearing, they will cite this very case as a precedent. After all, it would appear that the SFA think rules are there to be broken.”

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