Rangers Queens GIFs

September 1, 2014

No this not a blog post about the gay residents of Govan. It’s just that whenever we want to mention Rangers in Sublime and Ridiculous we have to create a .GIF in a different part of the site because the SPFL Youtube channel either doesn’t have the rights, which is incredible to think as it is their league, or can’t be bothered to put them online.

So here were the two things worth looking at from the BBC highlights.

The defending is shambolic. You wouldn’t accept this from a team bottom of the division having failed to win a game all season, never mind the favourites for the league title with a playing budget that towers over that of their opponent.

That extra quality shone through in the end, but it shouldn’t have to be such a struggle. Were it not for this David Templeton strike a couple of minutes into the second half then Rangers could have lost this game. If Queens had kept it tight for ten more minutes then their chances of getting the fans on the players backs and making a bad situation desperate would have dramatically increased their ability to win the game.

Take nothing away from Templeton, though, it is an excellent goal.