How Not To Finish: A Dundee United Lesson

December 2, 2014

FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE. This was the highlight of the Scottish Cup weekend. Dundee United went to Motherwell and broke the record (probably, to be honest I haven’t checked, and there probably isn’t a real record for this anyway) for the number of one-on-ones missed in a single game. You’ll noticed from the .GIF as well that they seem to get worse as they go along, building up to the crescendo of crap that was Stuart Armstrong’s ‘oh my god I’ve got so much time that I’ve literally forgotten how to be a footballer’ failed attempted to take the ball around the keeper.


And do you know what the most hilarious thing about this was? They still won the game! Who watches a team miss six one-on-ones and can’t take advantage? The 2014/15 Motherwell team, that’s who.